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Super Patch – For Clogged Lymphatic System

Super Patch – What is it?

no water, no alcohol, no stimulants

 Homeopathic Transdermal Patch

Nova Clinic’s Lymphatic Patch includes the following ingredients. All ingredients are contained in the Super Patch as well.

Gallium Heel.

They release toxic laden excess fluid from all over the body, maintains a healthy immune system, promotes natural detoxification (not a diuretic). Stimulates the immune system to release toxic sludge.

Aids in detoxification of the cell.

Helps maintain healthy kidney function.

Helps maintain healthy lymphatic function, Weight loss and full body detoxification, Chronic fatigue, allergies of all kinds and agitation.

Nova Clinic products are made from natural; plant based organic sources, a homeopathic remedy in transdermal patch form.
Our mother tinctures are made by Nova Clinic in the old, traditional ways.  
All Nova products are manufactured in Australia in a sterile homeopathic laboratory and manufacturing plant. The Nova Clinic has been in clinical practise since 1982.

but… The SUPER PATCH is like 10 patches in ONE!

These are only the ingredients for Nova Clinic’s Clogged Lymphatic system patch. There are MORE INGREDIENTS on the  SUPER PATCH for  insomnialeaky gutcollagen regrowth, and the list goes on…

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Super Skinny Patch – For Weight Loss

Super Patch – What is It?

 no water, no alcohol, no stimulants

 Homeopathic Transdermal Patch

Nova Clinic’s HCG Patch includes the following ingredients. All ingredients are contained in the Super Skinny Patch as well. 

Wild African Mango & Saffron & Ginger –
helps to lower cholesterol, suppresses appetite and emotional eating, and elevates good mood (serotonin) and speeds up the metabolism. Cleanses the body and blood.

Chromium Polynicotinate – a mineral that is involved in carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism.

Wasabi (spice root) – appetite suppressant, natural antibiotic, great for allergies

Fenugreek Seeds – high fiber content. Appetite suppressant. Blood sugar stabilizer.

Sphaeranthus indicus (flower heads) and Garcinia mangostana fruit (fruit rind).
These 2 ingredients both do the following in different ways in the body– reduces appetite, blocks cravings, blocks fat from being stored in the body, purifies blood of toxic waste, cleans skin of toxins, balances hormones for men and women, reduces inflammation, reduces anxiety, increases metabolism and energy levels, burns fat.

L-carnitine – removes ammonia from the body and regulates release of hormones.

Cayenne Pepper – Boosts metabolism and burns fat.

Green tea extract – lowers cholesterol levels, a powerful anti-oxidant, makes the body burn more calories.

Turmeric – Powerful anti-inflammatory and is a very strong antioxidant. Turmeric just makes all of the ingredients work better in the body.

L-Arginine – causes blood vessels to open wider for improved blood flow and helps the body to absorb nutrients, also regulates hormones and blood sugar.

L-Glutamine – Breaks down protein for the body to use.

Chamomile – relaxes the muscles and affects the central nervous system in positive ways.

Moringa – Moringa Oleifera – has seven times the amount of vitamin C than in oranges, it has four times as much calcium and double the amount of protein than milk, four times the vitamin A in carrots and three times the potassium in bananas. Yes it’s a real super food

Nova Clinic Trials have shown very quick weight loss off the scales and quick inch loss in measurements. Also, their clients tell of feeling very calm and grounded. The appetite is very quickly and strongly suppressed, clients will be a little hungry at meal times but will only be able to eat a little and the more the patch is worn  the less appetite one has.

but… The SUPER PATCH is like 10 patches in ONE!

These are only the ingredients for Nova Clinic’s HCG protocol FAT LOSS patch. There are MORE INGREDIENTS on the  SUPER PATCH for  insomnia, leaky gut, collagen regrowth, and the list goes on…

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To Load or Not to Load

Dr. Simeon’s protocol requires Fat loading to ‘prime’ the fat release process. However, I learned that many people prefer NOT to load with high-fat foods for the first two days of the Super Patch.  I chose that method.

 I placed TWO patches on my belly in the beginning and left both patches on. I placed 1 in the morning on the first day and 1 in the morning of the second day. I started and continued with a low calorie and low fat diet to jump right in. I took off patch #1 on the 3rd day and patch #2 was replaced on the 4th day.

On the other hand, my daughter chose to load as a “last hurrah” and she placed only 1 patch  on the first day and ate pizza, cheese, sausage, buttery eggs and avocado for 2 days. The third day she embarked on the low calorie diet (and felt too sick to eat hardly anything anyway).

We chose differently but we both had good weight loss results.

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Using the Patch

Below are a few tips I have appreciated about Nova Patches:

  • Treat the patch gently. Yes you can shower and swim with it on but pat dry, firmly. Remember it’s not a sticking plaster. If a client is in chlorinated water every day they would need to have a water proof plaster/dressing over it to keep it on and protect from chemicals. (I take hot bubble soaks and simply cover the patch with a large bandage)
  • The patch ingredients generally last 3-4 days (at peak strength) after peeling off the backing paper and sticking to the skin. By day 4 the dose will be getting very low. The HCG patch is changed twice a week, it would be ok to take the patch off on 3rd night and not wear overnight (to give the skin a break if required, this is not essential) and just put a new one on the next morning, the HCG would still be in the blood stream for twelve hours (I place a new patch on the opposite side for three days and leave the former one on, too. Thus, every 4th day, I am wearing two patches, just in case – because I can’t really overdose.)
  • Redness on the skin beside the patch. This isn’t a side effect this happens if the person is using a nutrient patch and their body does not need that nutrient. (There are nutrients in the Super Patch and I have not experienced redness. I still take extra magnesium and other vitamins that are also contained in the SuperPatch  and still haven’t gotten too much. I doubt this is likely to happen anytime soon as I have long been nutrient deficient. If it did happen, I would switch to an hcg-only patch instead of the Super Patch)
  • Itchy hive-like spots can also be part of the detox and detox is always temporary. (I did itch, but I never got hives. I continued to take in water and to sweat and I feel that helped.)
  • We suggest clients place the patch on the upper abdomen under the breasts/bra. But if you don’t want to continue with that area, then patches really can be placed anywhere from then on – the ingredients will have been established within the blood flow/cells. (I place in an area where my clothing will not rub it off and where it is gently protected by my blouse. I do not place the patch on the same side each time. It varies).
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Eating on HCG protocol

I choose what I feel is best for me and eat what I will enjoy. I usually drink only coffee with almond milk in the morning and I have a snack such as a fruit  around noon. Often I only eat 1 full meal at dinner with the family. I will cook steak and have a salad with some low fat dressing or none at all. I’ve made a fresh apple variant of South African Bobotie that my kids love.

We regularly eat cut apples cooked in a sauce pan. I only add cinnamon and salt (not sugar or splenda) and we all love it. Even though Dr. Simeon’s did not advise using whole eggs, we have made Korean Bibimbap. We order fajitas when out to eat at mexican restaurants. Though the above seems REALLY boring to some, we choose not to think a whole lot about food.

When we are out at a fast food place, I try to make a meal around 250 or 300 calories, according to their provided nutrition information. I might eat the inside of a taco (without cheese) or a side salad with a little grilled chicken. I’m trying to move my old stored fat OUT of my body, so my goal is to not put any new fat in, so I choose low-fat options.

If I happen to have something that is “bad”, I drink a bunch of extra water.

This has happened when I ordered a coffee with creamer. Some creamer is sweetened and full fat, others are not. I didn’t specify and ended up drinking a big LOADED sweet coffee for a night shift. I don’t know if it was the coffee that kept me awake or the constant running to the bathroom! I didn’t weigh until about 30 hours after my coffee, which was 48 hours after my last weigh in.

I had still lost 4 lbs!

The only problem was: The extra sugar primed my brain for sugar. And I craved it again for a day or so. #TheStruggleIsReal 

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Packing Lunch for A Super Patch User

A recent day wherein 2 lbs were lost:

Chocolate protein shake with around 240 calories and 20 grams of protein.
2 organic Brown rice cakes – each cake has 25 calories and 0 fat or protein
1 lite mozzarella string cheese stick – 50 calories, 6 grams protein
1 pkg (2 oz) deli meat- 90 calories 8 grams of protein and 5 g of fat
1 apple and 1 Peach
1 Cup of coffee with vanilla almond milk as creamer
½ can beefy vegetable soup. 1 cup. About 120 calories, 6 grams protein and a few grams of fat.

The food was a little over 500 calories but this is a sample of what I threw together in a lunchbag for my daughter for a day of activity and I’m not sure she even felt hungry enough to eat the peach. She gave a few bites of rice cake to the dog. We LIKE the above foods and they are foods we normally eat. I do not eat gluten, so I substitute the rice cake for Dr. Simeon’s suggested melba toast or grissini. The lunch meat I bought is individually packed, so it is a convenience food, as was the ready-to-eat soup. The most attention was given to refilling a water bottle throughout the day, so I estimate about a gallon of water was taken in that day.

The next day, two pounds of fat were gone forever!