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Using the Patch

Below are a few tips I have appreciated about Nova Patches:

  • Treat the patch gently. Yes you can shower and swim with it on but pat dry, firmly. Remember it’s not a sticking plaster. If a client is in chlorinated water every day they would need to have a water proof plaster/dressing over it to keep it on and protect from chemicals. (I take hot bubble soaks and simply cover the patch with a large bandage)
  • The patch ingredients generally last 3-4 days (at peak strength) after peeling off the backing paper and sticking to the skin. By day 4 the dose will be getting very low. The HCG patch is changed twice a week, it would be ok to take the patch off on 3rd night and not wear overnight (to give the skin a break if required, this is not essential) and just put a new one on the next morning, the HCG would still be in the blood stream for twelve hours (I place a new patch on the opposite side for three days and leave the former one on, too. Thus, every 4th day, I am wearing two patches, just in case – because I can’t really overdose.)
  • Redness on the skin beside the patch. This isn’t a side effect this happens if the person is using a nutrient patch and their body does not need that nutrient. (There are nutrients in the Super Patch and I have not experienced redness. I still take extra magnesium and other vitamins that are also contained in the SuperPatch  and still haven’t gotten too much. I doubt this is likely to happen anytime soon as I have long been nutrient deficient. If it did happen, I would switch to an hcg-only patch instead of the Super Patch)
  • Itchy hive-like spots can also be part of the detox and detox is always temporary. (I did itch, but I never got hives. I continued to take in water and to sweat and I feel that helped.)
  • We suggest clients place the patch on the upper abdomen under the breasts/bra. But if you don’t want to continue with that area, then patches really can be placed anywhere from then on – the ingredients will have been established within the blood flow/cells. (I place in an area where my clothing will not rub it off and where it is gently protected by my blouse. I do not place the patch on the same side each time. It varies).
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