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To Load or Not to Load

Dr. Simeon’s protocol requires Fat loading to ‘prime’ the fat release process. However, I learned that many people prefer NOT to load with high-fat foods for the first two days of the Super Patch.  I chose that method.

 I placed TWO patches on my belly in the beginning and left both patches on. I placed 1 in the morning on the first day and 1 in the morning of the second day. I started and continued with a low calorie and low fat diet to jump right in. I took off patch #1 on the 3rd day and patch #2 was replaced on the 4th day.

On the other hand, my daughter chose to load as a “last hurrah” and she placed only 1 patch  on the first day and ate pizza, cheese, sausage, buttery eggs and avocado for 2 days. The third day she embarked on the low calorie diet (and felt too sick to eat hardly anything anyway).

We chose differently but we both had good weight loss results.

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