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Eating on HCG protocol

I choose what I feel is best for me and eat what I will enjoy. I usually drink only coffee with almond milk in the morning and I have a snack such as a fruit  around noon. Often I only eat 1 full meal at dinner with the family. I will cook steak and have a salad with some low fat dressing or none at all. I’ve made a fresh apple variant of South African Bobotie that my kids love.

We regularly eat cut apples cooked in a sauce pan. I only add cinnamon and salt (not sugar or splenda) and we all love it. Even though Dr. Simeon’s did not advise using whole eggs, we have made Korean Bibimbap. We order fajitas when out to eat at mexican restaurants. Though the above seems REALLY boring to some, we choose not to think a whole lot about food.

When we are out at a fast food place, I try to make a meal around 250 or 300 calories, according to their provided nutrition information. I might eat the inside of a taco (without cheese) or a side salad with a little grilled chicken. I’m trying to move my old stored fat OUT of my body, so my goal is to not put any new fat in, so I choose low-fat options.

If I happen to have something that is “bad”, I drink a bunch of extra water.

This has happened when I ordered a coffee with creamer. Some creamer is sweetened and full fat, others are not. I didn’t specify and ended up drinking a big LOADED sweet coffee for a night shift. I don’t know if it was the coffee that kept me awake or the constant running to the bathroom! I didn’t weigh until about 30 hours after my coffee, which was 48 hours after my last weigh in.

I had still lost 4 lbs!

The only problem was: The extra sugar primed my brain for sugar. And I craved it again for a day or so. #TheStruggleIsReal 

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