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Super Patch Diet

What to Eat While Using the Super Patch For Quick Weight Loss

  • Day 1: Apply your patch in the morning. Eat sensibly don’t start your diet yet. But do get your diet food organized for the next week.
  • Day 2: Start your diet and continue on this easy, user friendly diet for 4-12 weeks.

At a glance – Foods You CAN eat:
Potatoes & sweet potatoes – mash with rice milk or bake.  All types of vegetables. All fruit except avocado and coconuts. Steak, chicken or fish or 1 free range egg per day. Real yogurt. Eat raw or boil, grill, bake, fry – Dry cook in non-stick pan or use baking paper or cook in vegetable stock (not Oxo cubes).
One slice sourdough bread per day that has no oil or sugar added. Purified water, tea, coffee, and any stevia flavoured soda water.

At a glance – Foods you CANT eat:
Anything with fat or sugar added. Keep away from pre-packaged foods. Alcohol.
Do not cook in fat, oil, butter or lard. Do not add oil (its 100% fat) to anything.
No salad dressings with oil added – read labels.  No sugar laden sodas like coca cola, again read labels.
No nuts, seeds, fast foods, chips, snacks cooked in oil, pretend meat/cheese-vegan food, all dairy – cow’s milk, butter, cream, cheese, ice cream.
No Oily fish. No biscuits, cakes, sweets or cereal even if they say they are fat free.

Meals Examples:

Breakfast: 1 slice sourdough toast topped with fried [on baking paper] tomatoes, onions and mushrooms
Or 1 slice sour dough toast with tomatoes and 1 hardboiled or poached egg.
Or stew one large apple and add cinnamon and stevia, also 1 toast with tomatoes

Lunch: One piece steamed chicken with large salad.
Or I large potato boiled and mashed with rice milk, plus small tin tuna in water, and carrots.
Or one cup cooked rice with steamed vegetables, stir fry with soy sauce and any spices.
Or very large bowl vegetable soup, preferably homemade with toast.

Dinner: One small steak grilled, with onions and large salad.
Or grilled piece of fish with large salad.
Or stir fried chicken and vegetables and spices.
Or large mashed potato with steamed carrots, zucchini, beans and broccoli.
Or roast on baking paper; add ½ cup vegetable stock and seasoning – pumpkin, potato, and sweet potato. Also steamed peas and carrots and oil free gravy.
Roast at 150 deg.c for 90 minutes, crispy skin.


I am not a medical practitioner, nor am I qualified to give nutrition advice. I share my own personal experience and observations. What I do and what helps me may not necessarily help another individual and I am not suggesting that anyone follow any particular course. I re-sell patches manufactured by Nova Clinic in Australia as a courtesy to individuals who live in the US. I do not intend to attract buyers away from Nova Clinic or any other authorized reseller of patches. I do encourage research and responsibility. In all areas of life, I practice personal autonomy and my choices are my own.

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To Load or Not to Load

Dr. Simeon’s protocol requires Fat loading to ‘prime’ the fat release process. However, I learned that many people prefer NOT to load with high-fat foods for the first two days of the Super Patch.  I chose that method.

 I placed TWO patches on my belly in the beginning and left both patches on. I placed 1 in the morning on the first day and 1 in the morning of the second day. I started and continued with a low calorie and low fat diet to jump right in. I took off patch #1 on the 3rd day and patch #2 was replaced on the 4th day.

On the other hand, my daughter chose to load as a “last hurrah” and she placed only 1 patch  on the first day and ate pizza, cheese, sausage, buttery eggs and avocado for 2 days. The third day she embarked on the low calorie diet (and felt too sick to eat hardly anything anyway).

We chose differently but we both had good weight loss results.