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“Here’s What’s Standing Between You and the New Skinny You…” 

If you want to know, then you need to read every word, because it could change your life… 


There comes a time in every [type of person]’s life when he has to stand up and say, “enough is enough.” And that’s the day when you decide to change your life for the better by committing to losing weight.

I know what it’s like. Before I lost weight, I spent a lot of time just thinking about it. I purchased a lot of books on the topic. I tried every diet – including starvation! 

Problem was, I really wasn’t serious about getting healthy. Oh sure, all the fitness magazines, diet recipe books and workout guides stacking up on my bookshelf and hard drive made it look like I was serious. All the charges on my credit card bill made me look pretty serious, too. But nothing seemed to work quickly enough. Nothing kept the weight off. I made a lot of mistakes and wasted a lot of time and money. 

I had been told by my medical practitioner to lose weight or it was bariatric surgery for me. I feared going under the knife. Then, out of nowhere, I reconnected with an old friend who was probably 100 pounds lighter than the last time I saw her three months before. What was her secret? Could I do it, too?

I did it. In just one month, I went from 270 lbs to 245 lbs!  So believe me when I say I know what it’s like to fear the consequences of extreme obesity. It wasn’t very long ago that I was struggling with morbid obesity. But once I discovered the secret of HCG, nothing could stop me. And now you too can learn these same secrets, without all the trial and error… 

Announcing the Skinny Patch… 

The Quick and Easy Way for You to Get Skinny, too!

Forget about injections. Don’t worry about counting sublingual drops – or spilling them!. You’ll never again have to deal with the mess or the pain of HCG the old way.

Dr. Simeon’s HCG Protocol Pounds_and_Inches is a detailed, step-by-step,  blueprint that will show you exactly how to lose up to a pound per day with HCG. Just imagine: 

  • No more injections! 
  • No more drops!
  • And never again will you have to deal with the prospect of bariatric surgery! 

Go ahead, imagine how you’ll feel when you finally get skinny. Just imagine losing up to a pound per day!. And just think of what your friends, family, and co-workers will say once they see you shrinking before their eyes! 

In as little as 28 days, 

you too could lose up to 28 pounds!

Best of all, it’s easy to start. All you have to do is download your copy of Pounds_and_Inches and in just moments you’ll discover how to use the HCG in our Skinny Patch (and Super Skinny Patch) to shed excess weight. 

 At last, you’ll finally discover the TRUTH about weightloss! 


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