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Super Patch – For Clogged Lymphatic System

Super Patch – What is it?

no water, no alcohol, no stimulants

 Homeopathic Transdermal Patch

Nova Clinic’s Lymphatic Patch includes the following ingredients. All ingredients are contained in the Super Patch as well.

Gallium Heel.

They release toxic laden excess fluid from all over the body, maintains a healthy immune system, promotes natural detoxification (not a diuretic). Stimulates the immune system to release toxic sludge.

Aids in detoxification of the cell.

Helps maintain healthy kidney function.

Helps maintain healthy lymphatic function, Weight loss and full body detoxification, Chronic fatigue, allergies of all kinds and agitation.

Nova Clinic products are made from natural; plant based organic sources, a homeopathic remedy in transdermal patch form.
Our mother tinctures are made by Nova Clinic in the old, traditional ways.  
All Nova products are manufactured in Australia in a sterile homeopathic laboratory and manufacturing plant. The Nova Clinic has been in clinical practise since 1982.

but… The SUPER PATCH is like 10 patches in ONE!

These are only the ingredients for Nova Clinic’s Clogged Lymphatic system patch. There are MORE INGREDIENTS on the  SUPER PATCH for  insomnialeaky gutcollagen regrowth, and the list goes on…