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What to Eat

 While Using Skinny Patch products For Quick Weight Loss


Our products are designed to assist you in losing weight and becoming healthy. As such, they are not a ‘diet program’. We ask you to research and choose a diet that is best for you. We have years of experience with individuals who have used the patches in various ways to support their health goals. Nova Clinic in Australia is the manufacturer of our products. They supply a variety of proprietary blends of homeopathic herbs, minerals and vitamins in a transdermal patch. Trial after trial, they’ve observed that when a body is properly supported with the appropriate nutrients, the weight will stay off – regardless of the approach. One approach may work best for a man while another works best for a woman. The nice thing about the transdermal delivery method is that – if it isn’t useful, it isn’t absorbed. You cannot overdose on a transdermal patch. You might itch or become slightly red. This isn’t an allergic reaction, it is simply a rejection of some ingredient. If you find yourself itching everywhere – this is likely due to ashedding of toxins in your body as you prepare it for health! Congratulations! All of our patches are blends of a variety of ingredients that are common to a specific purpose: Skinny Patch has HCG and vitamins to support a low-calorie and low fat diet, particularly the HCG Protocol by Dr. Simeons. It contains an appetite suppressant as well. The SUPER PATCH also contains HCG and an appetite suppressant, but many find that it allows them to eat more calories due to some extra fat-burning ingredients. It also has adrenal support. The Metamorphosis patch is loved by those who want to exercise. Some use it as a maintenance patch when they’ve reached their goal. It targets healthy muscles. The Busy B’s patch is a fabulous weightloss support patch. It contains all of the B vitamins you need and may not be getting if you are on any kind of diet. Each vitamin serves a different function so that you can have energy, keep and grow healthy hair and nails, rest well, and even prevent hunger-headaches. The Busy B’s patch is perfect if you are on a pre-op for weightloss surgery or you’ve had surgery and cannot stomach all of the necessary pills. Each patch is loaded with B’s. Some who are able to eat more B-laden foods can cut the patch in half. We suggest that dieters wear the entire patch for the entire week. 

We present 4 diet options. If your goal is weight loss, do not use the HCG protocol without the Skinny Patch or the Super Patch. That very low calorie diet (VLCD) needs a particular ingredient to work properly! If you choose an option that doesn’t seem to work within the first 3-6 days and you decide to change diet plans, we suggest a 2 day waiting period before applying your next patch and start anew. Most people weigh daily and see immediate results on the scale. Make sure you drink enough water for your body size.


The information provided here is not intended to replace consultation or advice received by qualified health professionals regarding your specific situation nor is it to be taken as medical advice or diagnosis. .  


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Exciting NEW Silicone Patches:

Silicon patch


These new patches are not changed every three days as previously done, the active ingredients (via Nova process) last at full strength for seven days. You wear the silicone patch for seven days.

All health patches you would wear one patch per week (7 days) then change to a new patch. One month’s supply = 4 patches.

You can literally place this patch anywhere on the body – but obviously not on top of any hair. And as before no moisture, lotions, powder, sweat or gel can be on the skin where you place the patch.


Size and Supply:

These new patches are a little larger than our old ones. They measure 3 cm x 4 cm.

Each single patch comes in its own sterile, sealed bag. Then 4 of these bagged patches are sealed in another sterile bag. This is one month’s supply.


The new silicone patches cost twice as much to manufacture than the old patches; they are superior quality and surgical grade materials, this is evident at a glance and when you first wear them you will know, there is literally no comparison.They also right all of the negative issues we have experienced over the years with the old patches. They are also singly bagged so we feel clients will treat them with more respect. It’s like opening a gift each time. We may have to play around with the quantities and payment options but all in all we don’t see that we will have to raise the current prices.

You can cut this patch in half for children under 12.



The Nova New Style Patches are made from Soft, Surgical Grade Silicone.

They are composed of 2 layers and are waterproof. Being a surgical-grade silicone material, and underneath a layer of soft silicone jelly.

There are no plastic components. Our patches continue to be latex-free.

The Nova Silicone Patches are odourless, beige in colour, very soft and lightweight. They are suitable for all ages and skin types, including children and those with sensitive skin. There is a sterile backing sheet that is removed when the patch is applied to the skin.

Ease of Use:

The patches are very comfortable to wear because they are flexible, the soft silicone-jelly-glue sinks into the contours of the skin and moves when the skin moves or creases.

✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️ The new patches are easily adjustable with no loss of adherence. Which means you can take it off to reposition it – the adhesion will last for weeks.✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️



All active ingredients (HCG, B’s, magnesium, etc) in all patches will last for seven days! They start to activate once the patch is adhered to the skin.

The shelf life of the New Nova Patches (unopened) is three (3) years.


*This product is not regulated by the FDA. These statements have not been evaluated by any Agency, including the FDA. These products are manufactured in Australia at Nova-Hart clinic.



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Patches or Injections?

Source: JenBella, Nova Hart Homeopathic


What is the Difference between hCG Homeopathic Patches and hCG Injections & Nasal Spray
You will have heard about and read about the amazing results of the hCG Diet.

One question people have is which method of hCG is more effective.

The majority of people have found that hCG homeopathic patches are as effective as or much more effective than hCG injections or hCG nasal spray.

Here is a simple chart to compare all applications of the hCG Diet. So you can objectively choose which is best for you.

Can I lose 1/2 -2 lbs or 1/4 -1 kilos per dayYes absolutelyYes
Costs$65 average cost pm from the nova clinic. $900+ average for Doctors visits and weekly follow-ups etc
Discomfort or painNo. Just place a patch on the skin twice a week and forget about it.Yes, having daily injections for up to 42 days.
Does it need to be refrigeratedNot if using homeopathic patchesYes
Do I need to go to a clinic or doctors officeNoYes recommended
Do I need to mix my own solutionNoYes if injecting yourself. Nasal spray comes premixed
Do I need a prescriptionNoYes in most countries

We have been manufacturing Homeopathic Remedies for thirty plus years and now specialize in hCG diet patches. We have personally seen the success of our valued clients and have experienced the amazing results ourselves.

We only offer our quality brand manufactured by us. Our hCG homeopathic patches and drops are manufactured in our own Sterile Laboratory in Australia.

Our Homeopathic hCG patches
 provide the strength and effectiveness of the hCG injections or hCG nasal spray, but have a stable shelf life. This translates to much lower costs and more convenience for you, but with the same awesome results.

 Compare prices. As we are the manufacturer with no middle man for you to pay, you will benefit from lower costs from us, a long term professional natural health company.

Note that as a professional homeopathic establishment we stay with the old, traditional and valuable ways.


The material (text, photos, graphics, etc.)  contained on this website is for informational purposes only. No material on this site is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified health care provider.

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What is the HCG Patch?

HCG – Triggers the body to provide a constant flow of food received from the abnormal fat that your body is breaking down and using when on the HCG eating plan.

Vitamin B12 – benefits your mood, energy level, memory, heart, skin, hair, digestion. An essential vitamin for adrenal fatigue and multiple metabolic functions.

Vitamin C – an essential vitamin, fat metabolism, balances blood sugar, makes collagen and heals all parts of body/organs/blood.

Folic Acid – increases the metabolic rate and is used for energy, burns more fat and increases weight loss.

L-arginine – aids in weight loss by burning excess fat and improving muscle mass.

L-Camitine – reduces fatigue, burns fat and is an appetite suppressant.

Calcarea Carbonica – targets flabby fat as on thighs and buttock areas.

Focus ves Amino Acid complex – a fat burner.

Spongia tosta – for underactive thyroid.

Homeopathic hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid – balance for metabolism, fatigue and muscle weakness.

L-omithine – releases fatigue in the cells and cell memory.

Colloidal minerals from humic shale – 72 organic minerals and plant nutrients – balances blood sugar, boosts metabolism, breaks down body fat, builds muscle and helps with vitality.

Acetyl L-Carnitine – fat burner, stimulates energy, motivation and alertness.

Ginger & Turmeric – Balances high cholesterol, releases toxins, purifies the blood of toxic build up.

L-theanine – reduces stress, curbs emotional over eating, breaks down fat.


hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a natural hormone produced in large quantities during pregnancy to ensure proper nutrients to a developing baby. hCG is what triggers the hypothalamus (a control centre in the brain) to mobilize stored fat into the bloodstream to be used as food or fuel. It is believed to reset your metabolism and to protect your body’s good fat and keep muscle tissue from breaking down (which occurs in other low calorie diets without the use of hCG).

Source: The Nova Clinic

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Super Patch Diet

What to Eat While Using the Super Patch For Quick Weight Loss

  • Day 1: Apply your patch in the morning. Eat sensibly don’t start your diet yet. But do get your diet food organized for the next week.
  • Day 2: Start your diet and continue on this easy, user friendly diet for 4-12 weeks.

At a glance – Foods You CAN eat:
Potatoes & sweet potatoes – mash with rice milk or bake.  All types of vegetables. All fruit except avocado and coconuts. Steak, chicken or fish or 1 free range egg per day. Real yogurt. Eat raw or boil, grill, bake, fry – Dry cook in non-stick pan or use baking paper or cook in vegetable stock (not Oxo cubes).
One slice sourdough bread per day that has no oil or sugar added. Purified water, tea, coffee, and any stevia flavoured soda water.

At a glance – Foods you CANT eat:
Anything with fat or sugar added. Keep away from pre-packaged foods. Alcohol.
Do not cook in fat, oil, butter or lard. Do not add oil (its 100% fat) to anything.
No salad dressings with oil added – read labels.  No sugar laden sodas like coca cola, again read labels.
No nuts, seeds, fast foods, chips, snacks cooked in oil, pretend meat/cheese-vegan food, all dairy – cow’s milk, butter, cream, cheese, ice cream.
No Oily fish. No biscuits, cakes, sweets or cereal even if they say they are fat free.

Meals Examples:

Breakfast: 1 slice sourdough toast topped with fried [on baking paper] tomatoes, onions and mushrooms
Or 1 slice sour dough toast with tomatoes and 1 hardboiled or poached egg.
Or stew one large apple and add cinnamon and stevia, also 1 toast with tomatoes

Lunch: One piece steamed chicken with large salad.
Or I large potato boiled and mashed with rice milk, plus small tin tuna in water, and carrots.
Or one cup cooked rice with steamed vegetables, stir fry with soy sauce and any spices.
Or very large bowl vegetable soup, preferably homemade with toast.

Dinner: One small steak grilled, with onions and large salad.
Or grilled piece of fish with large salad.
Or stir fried chicken and vegetables and spices.
Or large mashed potato with steamed carrots, zucchini, beans and broccoli.
Or roast on baking paper; add ½ cup vegetable stock and seasoning – pumpkin, potato, and sweet potato. Also steamed peas and carrots and oil free gravy.
Roast at 150 deg.c for 90 minutes, crispy skin.


I am not a medical practitioner, nor am I qualified to give nutrition advice. I share my own personal experience and observations. What I do and what helps me may not necessarily help another individual and I am not suggesting that anyone follow any particular course. I re-sell patches manufactured by Nova Clinic in Australia as a courtesy to individuals who live in the US. I do not intend to attract buyers away from Nova Clinic or any other authorized reseller of patches. I do encourage research and responsibility. In all areas of life, I practice personal autonomy and my choices are my own.

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Long Term Diet and Super Patch Use

With the Super Patch, I do not have to pause between cycles of dieting and loading. I can wear the patch long term without harm or fear of overdose. I do not become less responsive to the ingredients in the Super Patch. They continue to work, averaging a half pound of loss every day. I do not have to reload with high fat foods. I can continue to eat the lower fat foods that I have always preferred.

With homeopathic transdermal hcg, there is no worry that I will lose too much. My skin is an organ and it will reject anything there is too much of, or that isn’t recognized as beneficial. Besides that, as Dr. Simeons explains in his HCG diet book, Pounds and Inches, HCG re-positions fat or it expels it. Some users have not lost ANY weight using HCG and the HCG diet, but their bodies HAVE transformed into lean but healthy forms. I saw Dr. Simeon’s book and read about the emaciated lady. I could relate!

The HCG patch from Nova can be worn for many months, even indefinitely. The ingredients of the HCG patch are included in the SUPER PATCH. Below is an outline of what can be found on the Nova Clinic website regarding long term use of the HCG Patch:

Long Term Nova Diet: 4th week and ongoing for as long as you like, while you use the Nova HCG Patches

Note this diet has been put together by the Nova Clinic, trialled over 8 months and it will give you ALL of the nutrients you need to be healthy, active, lose weight ongoing and not be hungry.

You will get enough protein, iron, fats, calcium, vitamins and minerals. All vegetables, legumes and fruit give you all of the nutrients you need. And no starches are NOT fattening, are full of vitamins and minerals, are a vegetable and they fill you up.

The only thing you may want to do is have use our 12 Vitamins B’s patch as well [wear one a week, or for 3 days only, ok to miss a week] as Vit.B12 is the only thing this diet does not give you.

NO – Avocados, sugar, junk food, fats, all oils, nuts and seeds, butter, protein powder, coconut, olives.

Cut out completely for now, you can pick up later if you really want  to – dairy products which include all cows milk and products, cream, cheese, cow-milk yogurt, butter, ice cream.

Cut out or make very minimum – all meat, all poultry, all fish.

DO eat –Tons of all vegetables including potatoes, sweet potatoes, all colour vegetables [especially green leafy vegetables and green beans] in large quantities. Greens the biggest share. Garlic, spices, salt & pepper. Rice, brown is best.Fruit, any fruit 2-3 pieces a day. Non-dairy yogurt if desired. Rice cakes and/or real wholemeal bread. Rolled oats. Cans ready cooked, or home made beans and legumes. Mashed potatoes – use some of the water they are cooked in to mash [as that is full of vitamins] use a little rice milk and salt & pepper. Rice milk is the closest to cows milk in creamy texture and taste – and its a real food that you can use and it won’t make you fat. Butter replacement – to use a little butter on your bread use nutalex (by butter in supermarket fridge). Be sensible only use a little. Baked potatoes, sweet potatoes and vegetables Rice and stir fried vegetables Home made hummus – no tahini added.

Note: Beans, legumes and lentils, no more than 1/2 cup per day total.

Have three meals a day, with eating starches you will not be hungry between meals and you will look forward to all meals.

SCOUR the internet and utube for diet recipes with starches, beans and lentils, and vegetables – tons of variety – you will find your favourites.

There are even great desserts using beans that taste like chocolate cake. Read all labels if you buy canned make sure there is no oil.

An example of what I eat in a day (Jen Nova)

  • Breakfast: Bowl of fruit salad
  • Snack : Brownie made of black beans – yum.
  • Lunch: Large bowl of home made Vegetable soup and 2 pieces of wholesale toast or stir fry vegetables and rice.
  • Dinner: Very large plate mashed potato and four types of vegetables – steamed.

It takes a little time to get this all together so be patient with yourself. There were 18 of us on the long term trial and we all lost fat and inches from all of the body – every one was different so there are no set time frames so no stress.


I am not a medical practitioner, nor am I qualified to give nutrition advice. I share my own personal experience and observations. What I do and what helps me may not necessarily help another individual and I am not suggesting that anyone follow any particular course. I re-sell patches manufactured by Nova Clinic in Australia as a courtesy to individuals who live in the US. I do not intend to attract buyers away from Nova Clinic or any other authorized reseller of patches. I do encourage research and responsibility. In all areas of life, I practice personal autonomy and my choices are my own.

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How I feel: the HCG diet & Super Patch

My Daughter and I started the Super Patch together: 

How I felt on the HCG diet & Super Patch

I never got a headache as some report. My daughter didn’t get a headache until it was the 4th day of her first patch. She replaced the patch, drank water and rested. The headache subsided.

I noticed she also stopped making trips to the refrigerator to look inside. Obviously, she had become hungry as the patch was wearing off. Because the patch isn’t cumbersome like drops, it is easy to stick it and forget it. 

A month’s supply is 12 patches. Technically, that covers 36 days. But, I wore two patches to jump-start into phase 2 – without the loading phase (phase 1). Reloading or double patching was not necessary afterward. Though if I were to begin feeling hungry or getting a hunger-headache that won’t subside, I would choose to put on a second patch. Usually, this only happens at the beginning of the protocol. It hasn’t happened to me!

The Nova Patch ingredients stay in my system for 12 hours after I remove the patch. For the first two weeks, I itched in areas near my glands. The Super Patch and the water seemed to be flushing out toxins!

“Hot Sauna Showers” helped me. I felt a little sick a couple of times. I added some sugar free electrolyte powder (generic brand)  to my water and felt much better. I lost almost 3 lbs per day during the first 3 days of this toxin-flush! It was worth it!

Each day, seeing the scale read a lower number is encouraging and THAT makes me feel great! Even if it is only half a pound, I am excited!

My daughter prefers to weigh weekly as she likes seeing big losses. She got to say, “I lost 13 pounds this week!” as she emerged from the room.

I know. Wow! That’s how she felt, too.

Both of us are still going. Now, I have other family members using the patch, but I’m most impressed with my “foodie” daughter who claimed not to have any will power whatsoever.


I am not a medical practitioner, nor am I qualified to give nutrition advice. I share my own personal experience and observations. What I do and what helps me may not necessarily help another individual and I am not suggesting that anyone follow any particular course. I re-sell patches manufactured by Nova Clinic in Australia as a courtesy to individuals who live in the US. I do not intend to attract buyers away from Nova Clinic or any other authorized reseller of patches. I do encourage research and responsibility. In all areas of life, I practice personal autonomy and my choices are my own.