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How I feel: the HCG diet & Super Patch

My Daughter and I started the Super Patch together: 

How I felt on the HCG diet & Super Patch

I never got a headache as some report. My daughter didn’t get a headache until it was the 4th day of her first patch. She replaced the patch, drank water and rested. The headache subsided.

I noticed she also stopped making trips to the refrigerator to look inside. Obviously, she had become hungry as the patch was wearing off. Because the patch isn’t cumbersome like drops, it is easy to stick it and forget it. 

A month’s supply is 12 patches. Technically, that covers 36 days. But, I wore two patches to jump-start into phase 2 – without the loading phase (phase 1). Reloading or double patching was not necessary afterward. Though if I were to begin feeling hungry or getting a hunger-headache that won’t subside, I would choose to put on a second patch. Usually, this only happens at the beginning of the protocol. It hasn’t happened to me!

The Nova Patch ingredients stay in my system for 12 hours after I remove the patch. For the first two weeks, I itched in areas near my glands. The Super Patch and the water seemed to be flushing out toxins!

“Hot Sauna Showers” helped me. I felt a little sick a couple of times. I added some sugar free electrolyte powder (generic brand)  to my water and felt much better. I lost almost 3 lbs per day during the first 3 days of this toxin-flush! It was worth it!

Each day, seeing the scale read a lower number is encouraging and THAT makes me feel great! Even if it is only half a pound, I am excited!

My daughter prefers to weigh weekly as she likes seeing big losses. She got to say, “I lost 13 pounds this week!” as she emerged from the room.

I know. Wow! That’s how she felt, too.

Both of us are still going. Now, I have other family members using the patch, but I’m most impressed with my “foodie” daughter who claimed not to have any will power whatsoever.


I am not a medical practitioner, nor am I qualified to give nutrition advice. I share my own personal experience and observations. What I do and what helps me may not necessarily help another individual and I am not suggesting that anyone follow any particular course. I re-sell patches manufactured by Nova Clinic in Australia as a courtesy to individuals who live in the US. I do not intend to attract buyers away from Nova Clinic or any other authorized reseller of patches. I do encourage research and responsibility. In all areas of life, I practice personal autonomy and my choices are my own.

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