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Long Term Diet and Super Patch Use

With the Super Patch, I do not have to pause between cycles of dieting and loading. I can wear the patch long term without harm or fear of overdose. I do not become less responsive to the ingredients in the Super Patch. They continue to work, averaging a half pound of loss every day. I do not have to reload with high fat foods. I can continue to eat the lower fat foods that I have always preferred.

With homeopathic transdermal hcg, there is no worry that I will lose too much. My skin is an organ and it will reject anything there is too much of, or that isn’t recognized as beneficial. Besides that, as Dr. Simeons explains in his HCG diet book, Pounds and Inches, HCG re-positions fat or it expels it. Some users have not lost ANY weight using HCG and the HCG diet, but their bodies HAVE transformed into lean but healthy forms. I saw Dr. Simeon’s book and read about the emaciated lady. I could relate!

The HCG patch from Nova can be worn for many months, even indefinitely. The ingredients of the HCG patch are included in the SUPER PATCH. Below is an outline of what can be found on the Nova Clinic website regarding long term use of the HCG Patch:

Long Term Nova Diet: 4th week and ongoing for as long as you like, while you use the Nova HCG Patches

Note this diet has been put together by the Nova Clinic, trialled over 8 months and it will give you ALL of the nutrients you need to be healthy, active, lose weight ongoing and not be hungry.

You will get enough protein, iron, fats, calcium, vitamins and minerals. All vegetables, legumes and fruit give you all of the nutrients you need. And no starches are NOT fattening, are full of vitamins and minerals, are a vegetable and they fill you up.

The only thing you may want to do is have use our 12 Vitamins B’s patch as well [wear one a week, or for 3 days only, ok to miss a week] as Vit.B12 is the only thing this diet does not give you.

NO – Avocados, sugar, junk food, fats, all oils, nuts and seeds, butter, protein powder, coconut, olives.

Cut out completely for now, you can pick up later if you really want  to – dairy products which include all cows milk and products, cream, cheese, cow-milk yogurt, butter, ice cream.

Cut out or make very minimum – all meat, all poultry, all fish.

DO eat –Tons of all vegetables including potatoes, sweet potatoes, all colour vegetables [especially green leafy vegetables and green beans] in large quantities. Greens the biggest share. Garlic, spices, salt & pepper. Rice, brown is best.Fruit, any fruit 2-3 pieces a day. Non-dairy yogurt if desired. Rice cakes and/or real wholemeal bread. Rolled oats. Cans ready cooked, or home made beans and legumes. Mashed potatoes – use some of the water they are cooked in to mash [as that is full of vitamins] use a little rice milk and salt & pepper. Rice milk is the closest to cows milk in creamy texture and taste – and its a real food that you can use and it won’t make you fat. Butter replacement – to use a little butter on your bread use nutalex (by butter in supermarket fridge). Be sensible only use a little. Baked potatoes, sweet potatoes and vegetables Rice and stir fried vegetables Home made hummus – no tahini added.

Note: Beans, legumes and lentils, no more than 1/2 cup per day total.

Have three meals a day, with eating starches you will not be hungry between meals and you will look forward to all meals.

SCOUR the internet and utube for diet recipes with starches, beans and lentils, and vegetables – tons of variety – you will find your favourites.

There are even great desserts using beans that taste like chocolate cake. Read all labels if you buy canned make sure there is no oil.

An example of what I eat in a day (Jen Nova)

  • Breakfast: Bowl of fruit salad
  • Snack : Brownie made of black beans – yum.
  • Lunch: Large bowl of home made Vegetable soup and 2 pieces of wholesale toast or stir fry vegetables and rice.
  • Dinner: Very large plate mashed potato and four types of vegetables – steamed.

It takes a little time to get this all together so be patient with yourself. There were 18 of us on the long term trial and we all lost fat and inches from all of the body – every one was different so there are no set time frames so no stress.


I am not a medical practitioner, nor am I qualified to give nutrition advice. I share my own personal experience and observations. What I do and what helps me may not necessarily help another individual and I am not suggesting that anyone follow any particular course. I re-sell patches manufactured by Nova Clinic in Australia as a courtesy to individuals who live in the US. I do not intend to attract buyers away from Nova Clinic or any other authorized reseller of patches. I do encourage research and responsibility. In all areas of life, I practice personal autonomy and my choices are my own.

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