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Super Patch – For Collagen Regrowth

Super Patch – What is it?

no water, no alcohol, no stimulants

 Homeopathic Transdermal Patch

Nova Clinic’s *Collagen Re-growth Patch includes the following ingredients. All ingredients are contained in the Super Patch as well.

Calendula – activates collagen receptors.

Horsetail – naturally occurring, silica crystals can restore weak connective tissues in blood vessels, cartilage, tendons, and build and restore healthy collagen.

Wild Garlic – promotes and increases collagen production in your joints and skin. Nature’s own antibiotic.

*Collagen is a protein (the glue) in the connective tissues of your body that helps hold your skin together and keep it elastic, as you age or have dieted often you can lose this, resulting in a loose and saggy appearance.

but… The SUPER PATCH is like 10 patches in ONE!

These are only the ingredients for Nova Clinic’s Collagen-Regrowth patch. There are MORE INGREDIENTS on the  SUPER PATCH for  insomnialeaky gutclogged lympathic system, and the list goes on…