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Applying Nova Patches

Applying Nova Patches

Our patch is as thin as a piece of paper, they are adhesive and you wear it for three days then change for a new patch. They are plastic & latex-free and are of a medical-grade adhesive, they are also alcohol-free so are halal and kosher compliant.
With care, you can wear them in the shower and swimming.

1st Placement: Open the sealed sterile envelope and take out 1 sheet, gently peel a patch off with the tip of your fingernail.
Place the patch on clean and dry skin (no moisturizer, tanning cream, and powder, oil, not damp from the shower or sweaty) and press very firmly.

Do not take the patch off to reposition it will not stick a second time.

Place the patch under the bra line. Take care when taking off clothes so you don’t pull the patch off.

After shower or swimming press patch firmly with a dry towel. Do not rub.

Our patches are not meant to be as sticky or as strongly stuck on as a band-aid as you need to change them twice a week, they are gentle but do stay stuck very well – so treat them with respect and they will stay stuck.

We believe we have found the correct amount of adhesive to achieve this but also to not cause irritation when it’s time to change the patch.

All patches come in a sealed, sterile envelope. Store them in a sealed bag to maintain potency.


Jen , Nova-Hart Homeopathic


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