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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who is a good match for the Super Skinny Patch?

Many women over 40 prefer the Super Skinny Patch. Individuals with hypothyroidism or other autoimmune conditions have used this patch with success. Many people are deficient in magnesium and B12 and this patch supplies both. Both are absorbed well via the skin.  Selenium is included as it increases metabolism. Valerian is known for aiding sleep and rest. There are appetite suppressants included in this patch. Many people lose weight with a simple low fat, low carb diet. More dramatic loss is had by many who use Dr. Simeon’s protocol with this patch. This patch helps to rebuild collagen so that a person doesn’t look gaunt after extreme weight loss. Many postmenopausal women lose collagen, as well. The Super Skinny Patch helps to naturally rebuild it.  Men and Women use this patch to balance hormones.

What’s the best way to lose weight with the Skinny Patch?

The Skinny Patch is our original formula, with many of the same ingredients as the super patch. It does not have magnesium. It does not contain the selenium or valerian. It does have an often used appetite suppressant and fat burner. Using the Skinny Patch with the protocol from Dr. Simeon’s as found in “Pounds and Inches” has proven to be a top way for individuals to quickly drop large amounts of weight. The recommended protocol is quite strict, so we add help with the appetite suppressant. 

Can’t I just use The HCG protocol to lose weight?

It is not advised to use Dr. Simeon’s protocol without either of the 2 patches listed above. They are both designed to give your body a gift of nutrients to prompt the release of stored and unnecessary fat cells! Additionally, it should be known that many individuals have used either of the above two patches before and after weight loss surgery to obtain the GREATEST benefit possible for their bariatric tool. Some have had such success that they have delayed their bariatric surgery or even cancelled it all together. If this is your situation, we suggest the Skinny Patch  and the Busy B’s patch before surgery and the SuperSkinny patch with the full B patch afterward. 
The metamorphosis patch is designed to support the building of muscle. It does have an appetite suppressant, but ideally you’d use this patch with a more calorie dense diet than the very low calorie diet in the above mentioned protocol. This patch is geared towards supplying your healthy cells with nutrients for weight maintenance and muscle growth. This is the patch to use when you’ve had weight loss and want to continue shaping up, building muscle mass (which will mean more fat burning, too). People often use this patch when they are nearing a goal weight and are working out. It does contain a full range of B’s; however, your body will still likely want B’s found in healthy foods.

Who should use the Busy B’s patch?

Our Busy B’s patch can be worn along with any of the other patches –  or alone. They support any diet or protocol by providing a hefty amount of the full range of B vitamins. They can be cut in half if you are wearing another patch, are using it on a child, or if you are a mostly healthy individual who simply does not want the hassle of taking a B-complex pill (that often discolors urine and even changes in body odor.) Some B’s are good for hair, skin and nails. Other B’s are good for energy and still some others repair damaged nerves. Many dieters have depleted their B’s and are deficient. They lose hair, get brittle nails, and have energy loss due to low calorie consumption. With steady use, this replaces that loss.

Are they latex-free?

Yes. We use medical grade silicone. There is no latex.

How should I store my patches?

It is best that the patches be stored at room temperature in an airtight container or bag. Each of our silicone patches are individually wrapped; however if a patch is cut in half, store in accord with the directions above.

Where Can I get a copy of the HCG Protocol / Simeon’s protocol.

Here. Note, this is a medical document, originally published in a public medical journal in Italian and translated into English. There may be typographical and formatting errors . We claim no rights for it’s publication.

Where are these manufactured?

These patches are formulated and manufactured at Nova Clinic in Australia. Also known as Nova-Hart clinic. You can peruse information about their process here.

Note: I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist. I provide transdermal patches from Nova Clinic in Australia to the U.S. Thus, I can’t advise you, specifically, as to which patch (if any) would benefit you the most. My use of the term “you” in the above paragraphs is only general and not specific. A Doctor or naturopath should be consulted to help you determine if these natural ingredients are right for you. These patches are not regulated by the FDA. They are not edible and do not require a prescription. The FDA does not recommend a very low calorie diet, except in the case of bariatric patients assisted by a physician. 

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What to Eat

 While Using Skinny Patch products For Quick Weight Loss


Our products are designed to assist you in losing weight and becoming healthy. As such, they are not a ‘diet program’. We ask you to research and choose a diet that is best for you. We have years of experience with individuals who have used the patches in various ways to support their health goals. Nova Clinic in Australia is the manufacturer of our products. They supply a variety of proprietary blends of homeopathic herbs, minerals and vitamins in a transdermal patch. Trial after trial, they’ve observed that when a body is properly supported with the appropriate nutrients, the weight will stay off – regardless of the approach. One approach may work best for a man while another works best for a woman. The nice thing about the transdermal delivery method is that – if it isn’t useful, it isn’t absorbed. You cannot overdose on a transdermal patch. You might itch or become slightly red. This isn’t an allergic reaction, it is simply a rejection of some ingredient. If you find yourself itching everywhere – this is likely due to ashedding of toxins in your body as you prepare it for health! Congratulations! All of our patches are blends of a variety of ingredients that are common to a specific purpose: Skinny Patch has HCG and vitamins to support a low-calorie and low fat diet, particularly the HCG Protocol by Dr. Simeons. It contains an appetite suppressant as well. The SUPER PATCH also contains HCG and an appetite suppressant, but many find that it allows them to eat more calories due to some extra fat-burning ingredients. It also has adrenal support. The Metamorphosis patch is loved by those who want to exercise. Some use it as a maintenance patch when they’ve reached their goal. It targets healthy muscles. The Busy B’s patch is a fabulous weightloss support patch. It contains all of the B vitamins you need and may not be getting if you are on any kind of diet. Each vitamin serves a different function so that you can have energy, keep and grow healthy hair and nails, rest well, and even prevent hunger-headaches. The Busy B’s patch is perfect if you are on a pre-op for weightloss surgery or you’ve had surgery and cannot stomach all of the necessary pills. Each patch is loaded with B’s. Some who are able to eat more B-laden foods can cut the patch in half. We suggest that dieters wear the entire patch for the entire week. 

We present 4 diet options. If your goal is weight loss, do not use the HCG protocol without the Skinny Patch or the Super Patch. That very low calorie diet (VLCD) needs a particular ingredient to work properly! If you choose an option that doesn’t seem to work within the first 3-6 days and you decide to change diet plans, we suggest a 2 day waiting period before applying your next patch and start anew. Most people weigh daily and see immediate results on the scale. Make sure you drink enough water for your body size.


The information provided here is not intended to replace consultation or advice received by qualified health professionals regarding your specific situation nor is it to be taken as medical advice or diagnosis. .