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A Few Tips Part Two – Transdermal Patch Wearing

Transdermal patches can’t be repositioned, so I place my patch on a fatty my belly, away from my beltline. I wear 1 patch for 3 days and I press it with a towel after every shower or bath. This way, they have remained on my skin until I remove it.
To remove the patch, I scratch at the corner lightly lifting it up, while I bend away the paper. 

The patches are free of latex, dyes and allergens.
The patch is very thin.

I am including pictures that I hope will be helpful.
I do not suggest wearing a bandage over the patch. Though, I am able to wear normal clothing and undergarments over the patch.
The skin around my patch becomes itchy if I eat badly (sugar or gluten for me) as the ingredients in the patch help to detoxify.

The patch can be worn on the belly. If it gets wet in a shower, bath, or pool – simply press with a towel to dry. It is not repositionable.

Once the patch is positioned, it cannot be moved and will be stuck for 3 days or more. Patches can be worn until they fall away. If a patch slightly bunches up while placing, there is no need for concern. There is enough ingredient and the body will absorb only what is needed and can be used. Friction obviously would remove the patch, so I avoid putting the patch near a bra line or belt line. The patch may be placed on a thigh or upper arm, as long as these areas are friction-free.

Multiple patches may be worn; however the Super Patch eliminates the need for multiple patches by combining the ingredients for 10 patches into 1 thin -or- Skinny Patch!

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A Few Tips Part 1 – Detox

There are 12 patches in each package. The standard is that each individual patch is worn for 3 full days, so there are 36 days of use! Many who are just starting out like to wear TWO patches for the first 3-6 days to jumpstart weight loss. All in all, you will have at LEAST 1 month of use. 
The patches are wearable in water and need only to be pressed with a dry towel after bathing/swimming. As long as they are placed in a location where there is no friction or restriction from clothing, they tend to stick very well for many days. 
By the 4th day, most of the fat soluble ingredients for weight loss have been used and a fresh patch is needed. Other beneficial ingredients in the patch will continue to be absorbed transdermally. The patch can continue providing certain benefits for a week. That said, if someone is only maintaining a weight loss or appreciates non-weightloss benefits of the patch ingredients, they decide only to wear 1 patch per week; however, a person who is reducing their weight usually decides to use a new patch every 3 days. Therefore, depending on your chosen use of the patch, 1 pack of well-kept patches could last up to 12 weeks. There are also individuals who feel they need more of the ingredients and they wear 2 patches for 3 days at a time. They add a new patch if they begin to truly feel hungry. 

The SuperPatch contains HCG and DOES ALSO contain ingredients for detoxification! You do not need both patches!
While Patches CAN be worn together, the SuperPatch was created in order to eliminate the need for wearing multiple patches. It contains multiple vitamins and minerals that humans need, as well as extra natural ingredients that promote and support weight loss. I have listed here the Ingredients in the Super Patch that help with detoxification, specifically. 
Ingredients  For Clogged Lymphatic System & Fluid Retention:

Lymphomyosot and Gallium Heel – 
They release toxic laden excess fluid from all over the body, maintains a healthy immune system, promotes naturaldetoxification (not a diuretic). Stimulates the immune system to release toxic sludge.
Aids in detoxification of the cell. Helps maintain healthy kidney function. Helps maintain healthy lymphatic function. Weight loss and full body detoxification. Chronic fatigue, allergies of all kinds and agitation

The above 2 ingredients are the only ingredients in the fluid/detox patch. But, the Super Patch  contains these also:

Sphaeranthus indicus (flower heads) and Garcinia mangostana fruit (fruit rind) – These 2 ingredients both do the following in different ways in the body– reduces appetite, blocks cravings, blocks fat from being stored in the body, purifies blood of toxic waste, cleans skin of toxins, balances hormones for men and women, reduces inflammation, reduces anxiety, increases metabolism and energy levels, burns fat.
L-carnitine – removes ammonia from the body and regulates release of hormones.
Green tea extract – lowers cholesterol levels, a powerful anti-oxidant, makes the body burn more calories
It is essential to drink enough water while wearing the SuperPatch, just as it is with the detox patch. Others have found it helpful to have a hot bath, use a sauna, or sweaty exercise in order to release more toxins. Many have found that they require a gut-cleanse as well. There are ingredients in the Super Patch to help repair a leaky gut; however, diet modification is absolutely necessary to achieve a cleansed gut. Fortunately, all the foods and drinks that you could consume to clean and detox your bowel are safe and approved for use with the HCG and/or Super Patch! In addition, a natural laxative is allowed daily for the term of the diet, to help move toxins out of the body. The caution is to (again) drink enough water and beware that detoxification isn’t pretty. 
For example, I itched, especially near my lymph glands! The amount of fiber I required and consumed caused minor cramps. Caffeine seemed to halt detoxification and I had a headache for 2 days when I stopped drinking coffee and caffeinated diet soda.  At first I had a minor breakout of acne. Then, it cleared.  I drink a 16-20 oz bottle of water immediately upon waking. I drink hot water or hot lemon water, instead of coffee. I try to choose foods that repair my gut after detoxification, such as kimchi or yogurt. These foods are also approved for the duration of the protocol. I also think that the many years of toxins I had built up in my system slowed my weight loss a bit. Younger ones among my friends and family who did not have itchiness or headaches or other detox symptoms seemed to lose a pound or more per day while I lost only a few ounces every day for 2 weeks, then I lost quite a bit. A person might notice that for him or her, weight reduction slows if the person consumes certain foods. My own body STILL seems to have an aversion to gluten, even though a daily breadstick or piece of melba toast is on the original protocol. To give my body a break, I substitute a rice cake. Thus, my body does not have to fight gluten while it is ridding itself of all the chemicals and pollutants. I reason that I have accumulated a lot of detrimental toxins over the years so it will likely take a while to completely rid my body of the negative effects. Also, I try not to feed myself anything that could be toxic. Yet, American life is busy and occasionally I end up eating or  drinking a quick protein from a convenience store. No doubt that drink or beef jerky contains a few ‘artificial’ ingredients that my patch has alerted my body to fight-off! That is tiring on its own AND logically promotes laziness, which in turn does not burn any calories. That means slower detox and slower weight reduction. 
While the HCG patch and Super Patch do contain B vitamins, they do not contain mypreferred B vitamin (methylcobalamin), so I personally also take an additional sublingual B12, according to my own Doctor’s directions. We do not sell methylcobalamin in a patch, (only cyanacobalamin), but many individuals find that either form of B12 aids them in weight loss. Often you will see B12 and HCG together (as in our HCG patch) or a suggestion to use a B12 patch for weight loss. I can obtain them for you, but sublingual and pill versions are cost effective. Methylcobalamin is more expensive than cyanacobalmin (Both are B12); however both have been shown to assist with detoxification of cyanide as well as cell detoxification. Again, there IS  B12 in both the HCG patch AND the Super Patch. I just thought I would mention my preference for methyl-B12, as I feel it gives me an energy boost. And eliminating tons of toxins from my body made me feel a little draggy for the first 3-5 days without Methylcobalamin B12. I suppose that if I hadn’t relied on only the B12 in the patch at first, I might have had more energy at that time. Perhaps that is helpful for you to know.